Silver-based inorganic
antibacterial agent "Apacider"

Safety・Approvals and licenses


Safety items

Evaluation results



Acute oral toxicity >5,000mg/kg >5,000mg/kg
Primary skin irritation Mild irritation (PII: 0.04) Mild irritation (PII: 0.13)
Skin sensitization negative negative
Mutagenicity negative negative


INCI name registered product

“INCI name” is an international label for cosmetic ingredients created in accordance with PCPC (US Personal Care Products Council).

Ingredients registered with INCI will be registered with the cosmetics ingredient name created by the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association. The registered INCI name can be used as a cosmetic ingredient name in Japanese.

Apacider C and Apacider AW-N are registered ingredients of INCI, and when used in cosmetics (quasi-drugs) in Japan, they can be displayed as they are in all required ingredients.