Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring calcium phosphate compound, the main component of teeth and bones. As a synthetic additive, it is safe, highly biocompatible, and employed in a wide range of products for everyday use, such as foods, cosmetics, medicines, toothpaste and other quasi-medical products. Sangi offers various types of hydroxyapatite to meet your every need.


Inorganic Silver-based Antimicrobial Agents    Apacider®

APACIDER products are inorganic antimicrobial agents containing silver on a calcium phosphate base. In addition to their antimicrobial properties, they are resistant to heat and discoloration and are used as an additive to protect the material in a wide range of processed items such as daily household goods, electrical appliances, residential building materials, etc., as well as in cosmetics and quasi-drugs.

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ISO We have acquired the ISO9001: 2000 standard for quality management systems ( ISO 9001: 2000) and the international standard ISO 13485 for quality assurance of medical equipment.